many moons ago, kelly tagged me...

so, the story goes that i'm responsible to list 7 things that are odd about myself. so, here goes:

1. i'll start with one of kelly's quirks that i stand by as well; i cant be in my (or my mother's) house with out the television on. i dont have to be watching it. it doesnt even have to be on something i want to listen to. the noise just needs to be there. all the time.
2. i dont like to be alone, but i always want alone time... because that makes sense.
3. i have an unrelenting fear of my child getting an ear infection thanks to my personal suffering as a child with countless ear infections.
4. i spend countless hours organizing and re-organizing everything i can possibly organize until i get it PERFECT! (and its never perfect)
5. i didnt want a child until i got pregnant witht my husband's child. now i dont understand why people dont want kids.
6. i have a "best friend" that i dont think is really my friend at all.
7. i only type with correct capitolization when sending emails to my step-mom and husband's friends.



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