a million miles later...

CHA is finally wrapping up for us. we have ordered and ordered and ordered and i cant wait to see the new product for the store. so many fun new papers and tons of companies either new to us or completely new. i even found some time to take a book binding class from Jeannine Stien and i'm stoked on her book, ReBound and the book binding techniques i took away from her class. Expect some fun new classes at Memories Live On and even tutorials at The Crop Spot. well, and here too...

I have been so distracted by the Super Show and CHA that I have totally neglected the internets and everything else for that matter, but I'm back and totally full of fresh inspiration. Even though the time away from my family (yea, i've seen husband 3 days in january so far... nevermind he has a korea trip booked as soon as i get back from this trip...), CHA has been amazing. Maybe not has much hype and glitz and glam as some ppl say, at least not for me... but it was a great venue to get the latest and greatest for the stores and the sampler.

now, i have kits to make for Irene Tan's upcoming classes (btw, she's awesome!) and some packing to do. i think i have over 100lbs of catalogs to take home...

sunshine and bunnies,

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