instant inspiration...

i have been non-stop working on samples and bits and pieces for our booth at the CHA Super Show this coming week and have been totally enthralled in geekery thanks to the instant netflix queue. i really dont know where i would be with out it. The latest show to grab hold of me is Legend of the Seeker. Completely cliche, BUT wait for the scence where the main character is shirtless and your efforts will be rewarded... i mean, those are either fake or this guy has done nothing but sit ups since birth. serious.

anywho, tons to do, just thought a would share a few layouts and photos from this week...

Tomorrow's To Do List:
Gather Make&Take Supplies for the CHA Super Show
Finish Kitting and Label Kits
Exchange BluRay DVD Player for different version
Gather and Count Samples, make more accordingly
put together tool kit for crafting and tool like stuff

ps. i still need to do my heroic daily... silly frost bagdes... silly video games...

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