i need a nap...

well. this has been interesting. the level of insanity that is normally around me has been turned up to 11 for the past couple weeks BUT the end is in sight.

Irene Tan is headed back tomorrow morning to her home after teaching two fabulous, action packed classes. Her classes are a definate must on a bucket list. Right now we have Michael Strong teaching in the back. One of my all time favorite cardmakers and a super awesome personality to match. Once he's done, we're all headed out for a farwell meal of super yum Japanese. Tomorrow we have some errands to run around the SFO and then i can head home and get back to work.

This week new challenges and more samples from The Sampler DT and February's preview too AND I will be going through all the challenges and giveaways so keep tuned for winner announcements. After CHA and the classes, I am completely ready to create and bring forth the awesomeness!

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful time and making with the pretties!

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