well, poop.

ok. my hyper organization fails me. i have a few more details to work on before i can get the DT call out there into the world. last night i got distracted by actual crafting projects *gasp* and didnt harass the appropriate people. But all is well. This is why i left plenty of grace period to give everyone who wanted to apply enough time to work on their application. BUT i would like to share a couple of the things i was working on last night. Among other things, i was working on some christmas cards. I dont get the feeling that any of these are "done" yet, but i think they're all good starts.

(sorry about the horrible flash, but i was having a hard time getting the detail to show)

anywho, i'm off to work on that project list i made yesterday. have a super thursday everyone!



sarah said...

GREAT projects, holly!! tell me again, why are you so talented?! haha.

happy october!


Marit said...

Love your X-mas cards! I'm not into X-mas yet, but seeing projects poppin' up on blogs helps... Thanks for your nice mail! Yes, I figured the "ABC-thing" out - teehee! Oh, and I'm in the Netherlands, it's a couple of hours later (about 6-8?) from where you are. Have a lovely Friday & weekend!


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