organizing thursday...

I dedicated a large portion of today to the search for items to assist in the endless task of organizing my craft space and now the store. Actually, i was searching for a desk for husband, but that was a horrible failure. I'm sure i will end up going to the over priced furniture store that is in santa cruz and spend way more than i planned, but we will also have that desk forever and ever so it ends up being worth it, right? stupid grown up junk!

anywho, so whilst i was looking for something to help husband out, i remembered the set of shelves directly behind me at my desk. (oh, there are more equally messy shelves in a little closet by the garage in which i have planted my holly* flag and claimed as my own, but these are current crap, erm product that i'm working with...)

This is the image that i remembered... actually, i pictured more glitter,
but thats just a mental thing....

so, i gave in. I bought an expedit unit. but i only got the medium one.

I figured i would lay it on its side and use the top for storage too. its a little long and going to stick out a bit, BUT i already have crap blocking part of the walkway, so what'a a little more, right?

OK, now i go and try to con the manny into building my shelf so i can keep my organizing thursday mojo going. that and i need to finish writing a newsletter.... hum... anywho, hope all is well!

OH YEA! check out jane's latest blog post over at SBSRUS!!! Super cute embellishments!!!
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Marit said...

It's gonna work out great with those shelves... I think... Don't forget to post a pic when it's all done!

sarah said...

yay for organization! go, holly, go! :)



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