actual photos AND a challenged!!!

Hey! I finally have some photos of a couple things i've made in the past few days. I really do need to get better at taking photos of my stuff again. a lot goes out, but pratically nothing gets posted. anywho, photos!!!

Last year's pumpkin carving. something i'm really looking forward to again this year! well, the pumpkins were neat, but roasting the pumpkin seeds afterwards was awesome!

This is a layout about a goat. really. thats all. i have no idea what this goat represents other than it was part of my family's farm at some point in time.
just because i've had a couple people as about it, i made the flowers with a 10 seconds studio mold, cut the flowers out and inked with rust, espresso, and butterscotch alcohol inks. i also did the crystals in the background with butterscotch and meadow alcohol inks. OH! and those stitches and that peak of a doily are new from hambly. I already know the stitches are going to make it into the debut kit for The Sampler. Anywho....
btw, i did these as samples for the 1st challenge at SBSRUS. Check it out!

Dont forget, the DT call is still open and rockin&rollin, so if you havent checked out yet, head HERE and get to work!!!

ok, i think its stew for dinner so i need to get to work on that now. its gloomy and fabulous here. yes, it is possible to get sick of the sun sometimes. i plan to take full advantage of this rainy day. hope everyone is enjoying their day as much as i plan to...

pretty umbrellas & dry socks,

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