"If you don't learn Hebrew, you won't be barmitzvah’ed and, if you're not barmitzvah’ed, I'll die of embarrassment!"

so, tonight we're doing a bar mitzvah for a little 13 year old (no shit...) girl at the Menlo Circus Club. Want to know a little more about this "Circus Club"? Here's what their website says about them:

In 1920, a group of young girls gathered on an Atherton estate to play and ride their ponies. As young children will, these girls formed a "club" and decided to give a circus for the enjoyment of their parents, friends and neighbors. Mrs. W. B. Weir, the mother of one of the girls, suggested that the proceeds of this circus be given to the Stanford Convalescent Home (now called Children's Hospital at Stanford). The first circus was held in the summer of 1920 on the W. B. Weir property at Middlefield Road and Glenwood Avenue. Youngsters performed on their ponies and horses while others brought pet cats, goats and dogs which they had taught to do stunts. The first circus raised $500 for the Stanford Convalescent Home.

The following year, the circus grew. Adults promoted the circus into a social event, drawing people from as far north as San Francisco and as far south as San Jose. The third year, the circus became even larger, as did the social event, and it became obvious to parents the circus had outgrown the two fields. In the fall of 1922, land was purchased for the development of Menlo Circus Club, which was incorporated the following year.

Over the years, the Club has been the scene of outstanding horse shows, polo matches, swimming events, tennis tournaments and gala parties. The Children's Hospital at Stanford continues to hold their annual horse show and party, Tally-Ho, on the Club's grounds. While the present Menlo Circus Club has evolved from its simple family beginnings--children's parties, family picnics, trail rides, etc.--it has always been and continues to be a family club.

Simple family beginnings and children's parties? How about an 80+ kid extravaganza (no to mention the parents...) with photo booths, djs and i dont know what else...

Should be fun.... In honor of tonight, how about we learn a few yiddish phrases:

A gezunt ahf dein kop! - Good health to you (lit., Good health on your head)
A klog iz mir! - Woe is me!
A maidel mit a vayndel - A pony-tailed nymphet.
A shtyfer mogn - Constipated
Choleryeh - Cholera; a curse, plague
Ess, bench, sei a mensch - Eat, pray, don't act like a jerk!

Anywho, hope everyone is having a super saturday and mazel tov!

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