the day has finally come...

i just posted the DT call for the kit club. I'm giddy almost. it makes it more real as i am able to get more people involved in it. WEEEEE....

Linkie here!

go check it out and apply for the DT. We really are looking for a wide range of creative people to design for us. ok, now to see if i can sneak a little sleep in...

hope everyone has a neat-o tuesday.



Marit said...

OK.... I was looking for this to see what you expect from your DT-members... and now I'm thinking about it ... real hard! But I'm a slow decider (and a libra) so I'll sleep on it tonight....!!!

sarah said...

hey holly,

i didn't know that you guys were starting a kit club! are you guys going to be selling the kits at the store?!

...and as for applying... still not sure yet if i should. LOL. i'll let you know.

when are you teaching that cute star album class?! :) let's catch up soon!


hollystar said...

oh you should sarah! i'm actually thinking of putting up a DT call in the store for a few local members too.

the star mini album got moved to november 3rd. And i dont know if you've seen the new sample, but it ended up using some of the monstrosity pps. which are too cute to speak of...

sarah said...

hahah i did see it! :) i still haven't signed up for the class tho... but i totally plan on taking it! :)

do you guys plan on doing a local DT and an online DT? ....or just one call for everything?

keep me posted... cuz i'm still thinking of whether or not i should try out. it makes me me nervous thinking of applying to something. hahahaa! ;)



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