tasty tuesday!

its not really what tasty tuesday is ment for, BUT its something i found on the internets and its makes a lot of sense out of the who vaccinations are evil and make your kids loopy bit.

chrisdellavedova.com does science tuesday and his research today was in the link between MMR and autism. every word that man says strikes me at the core. i know there are people out there not vac'ing for there own personal reasons, but i really hope that this MMRvaccination and austism "link" isnt the case for too much longer. in his post, he tracks down the rumor of the "link" down to the day, a single press release, where a greedy doctor makes unsubstantiated claims that there was a link. his research was totally a bust and a large majority of the doctors involved completely pulled themselves out of the picture in this study.

bottom line, a little more research never hurts and our boy chris does a good job at doing it for us. go read it mamas!

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Chris in Happy Valley said...

Thanks for your kind words. It's gratifying to get a response like yours when I run posts like these. It's far easier just to plunk up a pic of the kid or a funny anectdote, so when I take the time to do a "proper" post, it's fantastic to know that people appreciate it.

All the best,



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