pretty pooped.

to put it simply, the past two weeks have been hard. i'm soo stinking tired right now that i could pass out while i finish typing this. supposedly we will be with dadoo/husband again come late friday night. come hell or high water, we will be with dadoo/husband come friday night. enough is enough and i've definately had enough.

now that i've gotten the rant out of me, on to the good news. while i havent had a whole lot of time to craft in the past few days, i have been gearing up to unleash my pent up creativity. i've been REcleaning/organizing the nest again. i got a new sewing machine since my brothers machine had a tension issue and costco has the superdy duperiest return policy ever. i managed to get my chaching back on the busted machine and invested in a slightly heavier duty singer machine. i have a birthday giftie to sew on this coming week for our favorite SIL/autie KT. i cleared out a good amount of my 12/12 paper and some of my older stickers/embellishments for the scrapbook island flea market coming up. now i have loads of space for new goodies like the new rouge de garance lace papers and basic grey rub-ons from the euphoria line that happened to pick up today. speaking of today, i also learned to knit from a good friend. i made half of a really horrible scarf for tyler today. next week, i learn to purl.

the booger is good too. THE BIG TWO YEAR OLD CHECK UP WAS TODAY! 28lbs even adn 361/2 inches!!!! he apparently looks "healthy and happy". i want the tool/instrument that measures happy.

anywho, time for the daily phone call with husband. hope to get back to post photos and junk soon. but, first, i sleep. then maybe have a nap...


Joe said...

Sarah (my wife) learned how to knit. Nothing fancy, like clothing or anything, but she can do scarves and blankets. It still blows my mind how you can take one thread (or whatever you call it) and "weave" it into stuff like that. Good luck with it. After half a scarf (her first project), she took it apart and started over and did very well.

KiS said...

scrapbook flea market? seriously? so jealous. but then again you are far more devout of a scrapbooker than i will ever be. i learned how to knit a few years ago, but never could close the knit so i just have a never ending scarf. i should really re-learn.

Jo said...

okay... you have had your time off... it's time to blog again. we need you!


hollystar said...

i'm coming back i promise. i'm even here. lurking on my own blog (and y'alls too). but i've been all crafty (and super duper kemaha meha busy) lately. i need to serve my spent time justice. expect like 20 posts on sunday. maybe.


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