my 2nd born for a sparkler.

so, tomorrow is the 4th of july. (happy indepedence day y'all) unfortunately, fireworks are non-existant here. completely banned thanks to norcal spontaniously combusting lately. how is a transplanted texan supposed to celebrate the 4th with out fireworks? seriously? not even a sparkler. nothing. how will my child grow up appreciating America with out a smoke bomb that stains the concrete until christmas? i dont think he can. next year, i think we'll do the 4th in TX and set some stuff on fire!!!!


Chris in Happy Valley said...

That's those SF values for you. I'm pretty sure that the right to blow stuff up is in the Constitution somewhere. Brush fires be damned.

KiS said...

no sparklers? seriously?

Joe said...

There wasn't even a fireworks display sponsored by the city for y'alls to go watch? forshame!


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