one of those "TAG! you're it" posts.

4 Jobs I have had
sherwin williams representative
event coordinator
housing coordinator
leasing manager

4 Movies I could watch again
All of the Harry Potter Movies
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
All Star Wars Episodes
Juno (that one is mostly for kelly's sake. i dont want her to disown me)

4 Places I have lived
Richmond, TX
Ketchum, ID
San Diego, CA
Santa Cruz, CA

4 Guilty Pleasures
VH1 "reality" TV
my afternoon tv block (2 episodes of star trek, gilmore girls, star gate SG-1)
left over easter eggs filled with m&ms
mail order scrapbook clubs

4 Vacations I have been on
Disney World (a billion times)
LA (when i lived in idaho. i didnt know it at the time, but i met my husband that trip!)
Seattle (hard to leave that one out since we just got back...)

4 Favorite Foods
Grilled Veggies

4 Website I visit
Friends Blogs

4 Places I would rather be
i'm happy right here right now. ok, maybe i would rather be on the other side of the sofa where i can charge my laptop while i use it.

4 books I love
Running with Scissors
Dragonlance anything

4 things I would like to know how to do
go for a jog without killing myself
how and when its appropriate to prepay income taxes as a self-employeed individual
drive a stick
keep the house clean all the time...

4 things I worry about
my mom and her future
long term health
losing friends and family

4 of my happiest moments
seeing husband hold the boogerbear for the first time! (they both cried!)
finally ending certain relationships
signing our marriage certificate
realizing that i could turn my hobby into a career. (now, to get to the doing it part...)

4 things I want in the near future
to drop a little more weight.
more savings and less mortgage
consistent "work"
a pazzles.


KiS said...

what is a pazzels?

hollystar said...

its like a printer, but, instead of printing, it cuts the shapes/letters/etc... out.

KiS said...


Kristi said...

ha, ha, go for a jog without killing yourself! That's funny, I'd like to be able to do that too.


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