anyone want to swab things up their nose?

i sure do. i started using zicam medicated cold swabs today and i've already noticed a difference. granted it looks like i'm putting clear snot up my nose (feels like it too), but i swear my cough and sore throat have magically scurried off! actually i feel a lot of drainage on the back of my throat, but thats a good sign in terms of my cold recovery. its about dang time too!!!

other than the new found love for sticking things up my nose, things are same old, same old. i pulled out ye olde suitcase so i could start packing for our venture up to seattle next week. we also received the portable dvd player we ordered for the trip and car use. its cute.

oh! and i joined a new blog with KS and Kristi called Mommy's Cupboard. so, if anyone is having dinner delimas or want to see what kind of foodies we believe ourselves to be, then check us out!

well, i believe its time to take the boogerbear to the park. i hope everyone is having super-duper, fantastic days!!!


Lee said...

Whats up in Seattle? I've never been but I have a possible job offer from Amazon which would be in the Redmond/Seattle area... I'm trying to do some recon before I go up there in April.

hollystar said...

weirdo. :)

um. whats in seattle? the space needle? i dont know! i havent been yet!

as for why we're going: we're visiting one of husband's friends (he lives near seattle) who joined the army reserves (i think...) for a challenge (wtf!?!?!?) and it looks like his division (??? i dont know what they call his group/job/whatEV!) is going to be drafted in june (again, no idea. drafted and june was all i heard. a few of husband's friends and their SOs are coming as well.) it should be fun. i will report back with entertaining things to do with your toddler (because i know you need that info, lee!) and possibly some yummy dinning as well.

(dude, it is april...)

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I am going to have to tell Hubbie about this zicam stuff. He has this Swedish shit he "puffs" in his nose, but we always run out. Maybe this will help?


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