skatin' through day 3 of our daily december!

Tyler is still way into this whole count down to Christmas thing. I'm shamefully surprised when he has more than a 1/2 second attention span. so.... today's door revealed....

...skateboard accessories for of duel wielding lego man from yesterday! tyler, very thoughtfully, said to me, "mom, we shouldnt skateboard with swords. its a bad idea." i agreed. the end.

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so, i'm smitten by Tim Holtz's 12 tags of Christmas for another year! BUT, this year, i'm making duplicates for Memories Live On so their customers can check them out in person! So far, i have to say i've gotten them pretty close. i have been enjoying the creation of these tags immensely!

anywho, off to DEstress fridays at Memories Live On! Have a super friday night!



Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

love that he enjoys the legos so much. he looks so happy. your tags are fabulous and even better in person. good to see you tonight.

Sharla said...

aww...what a cutie Tyler is, love the look on his face! Those tags are gorgeous,I've never taken a class from Tim HOltz, but would love to someday!


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