Preschool Gifting

i now face the potential brain buster of mothers of small children everywhere. gifting. gifting to 20+ small children. I do believe in practical gifts. Things that wont just get tossed once they walk through the door. if they make it even that far.

Well, i've been stashing broken crayons since the dawn of time and i've had this project in mind for many moons, but this year's christmas gifties for tyler's little buddies are remolded crayons.

While searching for an ideal oven melting temp (i ended up using doing about 250F for 15ish minutes per batch) i found this link with all kinds of super cool ideas for those stray crayons. The simplicity of this project was perfect. I picked up a bunch of little holiday notepads (6 for 2 bucks) and i'm going to stash that with a few crayons in a little baggie IF i can ever leave the house.

Today is one of the days i'm in the store @ Memories Live On and i typically will run some errands, grocery shopping, etc on my way home. well, this morning husband got on the road before me (we leave about the same time but i drop the boy off at school) and he was stopped before he started. Apparently a car had overturned recently not far up the road. I just dont get it. Our commutes take us over a very squirrely road. its about 15miles of going up and down and around a "hill" (read: mountain if from texas). Not that this was the case for this particular accident, but people drive like jerks over that hill and it makes no sense. AND it's raining. not a lot. but everything is super slick. idk. there are more than a few accidents on that road. I hope no one was hurt. sucky way to start a tuesday....

Anywho, this means i can do some work from home on misc projects i have goin. i'm going to attempt some photos of projects despite the poor lighting. with any luck, i will return with the 14th day of lego christmas and some project updates!

merry tuesday!


Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

I am always amazed at how people drive over and around the hills. sigh...love the little crayons. Good luck on the projects.

Tammy said...

I love that crayon idea! So practical, useful and love the recycling aspect. I will file this one away and use it myself one of these days! :)

Anonymous said...

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