on the 14th 15th day of christmas... wait a minute here...

the legos keep on coming! yesterday and the day before we got another little lady and a table and chairs set. super cute.

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tonight we're off to check out some christmas lights and what not. with any luck i will get some good photos of the boy, BUT heavens knows when i will get to scrap them. Between general holiday stuff and a 12 tags of christmas class i'm currently kitting for, my scrappy stuff is totally neglected. once i finally get this class kitted (aiming for late tonight) i hope i can package up those crayons i shared last week and get those ready to go!

speaking of, i need to make a to do list so i can quit forgetting things like that i said i would bring lasagna to the boy's holiday party... hum... i'll remember later, no?



Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

good luck!

sarah said...

oh for the love of legos... with all of the christmas sets out, our house is LOADED with them. am i thrilled.... eh? HAHAH. ;)

have fun looking at lights. i'm sure it'll be a good time for all.


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