drummer boy

super cute. now tyler is running around our upstairs drumming everything.

and how sweet is this? i came home yesterday after an action packed morning and afternoon of make & takes to find this little bundle. its from my husband's company of all people and i love that they showed even the smallest amount of appreciation for what families do to support the company even if it is indirectly. plus it livens up my desk so so so much!

today i'm working on christmas gifties. hint, hint. tonight i would like to do some more wrapping so i can get my holiday shipments out. BUT, i need more frames. inorite? so round 2 to costco today and target run whilst i'm at it. i think i will spare husband this trip. BUT, this gets me so close to 100% complete. a couple people popped up on our shopping lit that i was not expecting, but thats ok. They will get crossed off too and we can enjoy the rest of the season with holiday fun times!

ya'll have a good sunday now...


1 comment:

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

that drummer is so cute. you are totally making me regret not getting the calendar for my girls...of course, I would have had to get two....


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