Today we finally made it to our 1st pumpkin patch of the year. We went to Rodoni Farms just north of santa cruz with the boy's preschool. major fun. we got to pick pumpkins and crawl all over hay and, of course, the moms took only a few billion photos.

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Which reminds me, i really need to order photos soon. i have soo many great photos to catch up on and nothing organized enough to print. Which also worries me. I think i'm going to have to send my laptop back to hp. Problems with the graphics card and/or possibly its connection to the motherboard. to anyone who plays a graphic intensive PC game of any sort this is bad news. and right before the expansion. ugh.

ok, enough geeking out. i took today off from going into the store. now i have most of the afternoon to work on some layouts (i have some new circa 1934 from Cosmo Cricket that is dying for some scrappin'!) there is a good chance i will be back with more scrappy updates.



sarah said...

yay for new pics! :) your little one is getting not so little... time surely does fly.


Kristina said...

GREAT shot! i wish we could go to uesugi together again this year with the boys in their costumes. Let me know if you're interested in the drive. ;)


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