Another very fun day at Uesugi Farms in Morgan Hill, CA. love this farm. they have great attractions/rides. Each year Tyler has explored and learned from this place in different ways! Got some nice photos too before my camera died. whoops. it did leave my arms free for massive pumpkin picking. We're having a B.Y.O.P. carving party this Halloween and what better decoration than PUMPKINS!!!

I also got some great polaroids in my halloween journal already from this trip! really enjoying all the different but coordinating thickers i'm putting in that thing!

Speaking of our B.Y.O.P. party.... super quick invites and/or halloween card up at SBSRUS for those of us who are last minute crafters..... not naming any names.... :D



Kristina said...

you went to Uesugi without me???? darn. I wanted to go with you and dress up the boys again. :)

Holly* said...

ugh. rain this weekend again!


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