home again, home again...

we made it back. in mostly one piece. i left my phone in houston but i was way too tired to care. naps were had and a good night's rest on my very own couch (i couldnt even make it to bed!)but now we're ready to rock in roll. my plan was to take the next week to clean upi the mess husband left when he went out of town because i thought we would be gone for like another week. WRONG. he's coming home tomorrow so i have a whole day to clean up everything. i wanted to focus on getting settled back into my desk today but i need to do everything else 1st because i know i will get too distracted if i stick around my craft lovelies for too long.

so, simple list for today, CLEAN... everything... and grocery store. omg we have no food. then back to work thurs. so excited to swing by the store, they got tons in while i was gone and i really want to touch some of these things. also, there are some kit goodies i've been waiting to get that i'm looking forward to as well.


back to cleaning. but i wanted to share a photo of the boy super quick. we went to space center houston while we were in town and i snapped a million photos. this one caught my eye. he looks so grown up. when did that happen?

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