afterschool snackin

its been quite hot around these parts for the past few days. poor little boy was so hot when i picked him up from preschool today, we got a treat. well he did. i got to clean up the sticky floor after he chowed down.

so husband is off again. not too long this time. only a couple weeks give or take. some of these fabs are just a mess to deal with. poor husband has to deal with not only then but me and my shenanigans too! Speaking of shenanigans, husband's mom and i are going to attack san carlos tomorrow and check out this little miniature store and a scrapbook joint. should be a good distraction for the day.

tonight i worked on a lovely pile of imaginisce. so many cute papers. loved the dinosaur line and the birthday line and the holiday line... so so so cute! which, of course, just makes it easy. another bonus! I have some of their fall line that i think i might pull out next. working on some thanksgiving tutorials for the crop spot and think that would be a perfect addition to the projects!


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