coffee and a banana

oh my is it morning. we've been up since 5am. pretty much insane for our house. BUT, we got husband off ok and it was nice to watch the sunrise on the drive home. on the way home, all i wanted to do was a make the biggest pot of coffee i could manage. and i did. coffee and a banana is a little bit of bliss right now.

fun times this afternoon. right now i think we're going to enjoy our breakfast and play some video games. but first i wanted to share a layout i did recently. this was my 1st go at playing with tattered angels glimmer glam. a truely wonderful glaze. it makes anything glow.

about a year ago i scored a huge box of vintage family photos. this one is actually my grandma. she is an amazing woman. i cherish every one of these photos i obtained and i'm so stingy with them. BUT, i knew once i saw graphic 45's on the boardwalk collection, that at least this photo found a home. there were plans for a more than not traditional heritage album. now that i start touching and organizing these photos, they are anything but traditional and i think i'm going to build an album to showcase that part of my family more. i really wish i lived closer to my grandma so i could hear more stories as i work on this.

ok. back to serious business video games! or maybe i'll go work on another layout...


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Kelly Massman said...

Ooh! This is really cool! I especially love the title! I've got you in my feed reader now (didn't see a place to follow you publicly)! Glad Sarah sent me over! I love inspiration!


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