how the eef word am i out of glossy accents?

Seriously? anywho, i've been sick. stupid cold. but, its kept me in the house pretty much this whole week with the exceptions of quick trips to a local market that has had awesome beef & barley soup. just the right consistency to not make me barf snot. awesome, huh? thats why i said it.

so yah. working on some layouts and some make & takes. need to get my aresenal back up to snuff. also need to be working on my craft "resume". i've been thinking about applying for some other design teams as of late and *gasp* even submitting for publishing. maybe. idk.

the kit club is keeping me on my toes right now. wrapping up with our 1st design team and its about that time for a new team. the call is out and we have plenty of amazing crafters to start going through. i hate choosing.

anywho, i'm just around listening to these guys:

and in an over all mellow mood while i wait for the sound of my voice to come back and the sick to wander off. i cant wait. anywho..


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