piles and piles of canvas

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recently went to university art in san jose. great store. great selection of canvas. really eager to start putting some color on these guys.

also, the sampler has a few new design team members and we're gearing up for june. busy times. check out blogs:


i didnt complain too much, but my laptop died a while ago and i've been toiling over the purchase of a new one. finally bought an hp envy 1050 and it arrives TODAY! so excited. my old laptop was super underpowered and exceptionally frustrating. nevermind that i was splitting my work between my desktop at home and my laptop which i took to the store. cant wait to just use one machine and have that be the end of the story. no more "oh crap thats on my desktop. grrr" yah. good times.


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Amber said...

So excited to be part of the team Holly!!!


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