sunny days

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I love this time of year. Its not hot but its BEAUTIFUL. normally. random rainy days BUT oh how the good ones are good. i mean GOOD! Its also a busy time of year. Lots of family functions, lots of work and, last but not least, with any luck lots of travel. texas here we come.

Today i did a good deal of housefrau-ing. Love the feeling of having everything in its place and a place for everything. so compulsive. watching julia and julia. came to write a blog post about it. lulz. as i send things into this giant void....

anywho, after dinner its back to my desk and back to work. so many samples i need to finish and so many new things to play with! Tomorrow is Maifest at the Tyrolean Inn in Felton, CA. If you're in the area and enjoy a good beer and/or german food, its not to be missed. i really couldn't think of anything more awesome than taking my father-in-law to Maifest for his birthday present. But this is coming from someone who would rather receive a thoughtful card than a thoughtless anything else. Maifest is also a fantastic photo op. lookin for some good shots of the boy. fingers crossed.


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