Ugh. So I feel terrible. I have some kind of stomach bug/mild food poisoning. I’m pretty sure I will live, but it’s a pain in my patoot until then. That also means no cooking, no sewing, no organizing, no nothing. The only thing I have been able to do for the past 2 days is play with Tyler and play crackdown (Xbox 360 game) on the couch. I HAVE TO feel better tomorrow. I have errands to run. Its grocery-shopping day, I need to mail a bunch of stuff, brown paint for the shelves for the living room, and bobbins. I never seem to have enough of those things.

So, with all of this time on my hands I’ve been thinking I really need to do something constructive with my time. Recently I found that an old friend of mine opened her own online store where she is selling shopping cart liners and other misc baby items. They’re super cute and I’m so proud of her for utilizing her talents and for the fact that she’s doing exactly what I wanted to do! So, she is my inspiration atm. Tyler is getting independent enough in his playtime that I get enough time to sit down at my machine a couple hours a day. That’s enough time to experiment with the ideas that I have. What I really need is a fabric warehouse/wholesaler around here. Online research has proved fruitless so far. Looking more around San Francisco make sense.

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