my adventure into the land of quality cooking & baking

So, in the past year my life has changed 10-fold. I went from the carefree, fly by night lifestyle of someone who is single and baggage free to the housefrau, supermom you see before you now. And I’m loving every moment of it. As I settle into my new lifestyle, I find most of my time spent cooking, cleaning, and finding crafty mediums to outlet my creativity. One thing I can say about myself, is that when I choose to do something, I give 110%. As the year has gone by, I have been exposed to foods and wines that I would have never indulged in, in my past life as a Kraft mac and cheese eating, spaghetti-O loving, ranch dressing slathering, soda guzzling little miss. But, looking at my palette today, one might ALMOST consider me a foodie. There is a problem with my new found tastes though, my husband and I had been finding all of our quality meals out of our household kitchen. With a new house and baby in tow, $200+ dinners are just not to be a weekly occurrence. So, my solution has been to learn to do it myself. My journey starts here and I hope to grow into a quality cook/baker to bring pleasure and incredible meals to my dinner table.

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