So, there has been a change in the game plan. I’m in full assault spring-cleaning mode. For normal people this happens in the spring. For me it occurs about the time I start thinking about fitting into this summer’s swimsuit…. What does this mean for my new pet blog and me? It means that I have projects coming out of my wazoo and a full plate of doing pointless but pleasing around the house duties. So, here is the change in the game plan, I’m tracking my cooking improvements along with my home improvements. Tomorrow I'm starting with my son’s nursery. There are a lot of people out there who take care of the baby’s room BEFORE the baby shows up… not me. I leave it until it suits my fancy. And oh am I ready. Tomorrow will be interesting. Not only that, but I have some sewing to work on. I finally took my new sewing machine out of the box, so I suppose it's time to get that baby burning.

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Kelly said...

woohooo! I am behind and just found this! keep it rollin' chick! I will check this more than myspace :P


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