5-20-2012 solar eclipse

Did you catch the eclipse a little over a week ago? Living on the west coast, we got a great view. Well, as great as you can get when you're literally staring at the sun (not recommended btw)...

 We try to get out of the house fairly often, but it always ends up being such a big ordeal that i dont get the chance to goof around with my camera. This was not the case on the day of the eclipse. We were right out side our front door to enjoy the event and things were kept simple!

The trees around our house creating super neat little apertures and cast neat shadows onto our home.

The best part was to share the science behind the eclipse and how rare/special of an event it was to witness with the boy. Its no big secret that we're pretty well all giant nerds in our house and I think its a great thing to pass along to the wee ones.

then there was general silliness. Its just how things work around here...

And now for a real photo of the eclipse. I couldn't get a good one so photo credit goes to Nancy! ... 


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