hard on for headbands

with a husband out of town, two kids to take care of, trying to cook for husband's grandma who has been having health issues, and nevermind dishes, dinners and laundry that just don't do themselves... i've been limited to quick small crafts lately. after finally putting squish in one of those dorky headbands for little ladies that i loathed and sworn i would never use... here i am making them.... last night's crafting was a little over the top, but sickeningly sweet at the same time. 

after stocking up on elastics and alligator clips, i raided the ribbon, fabric and flower stashes so i can sit with a basket of goodies and make little things for the little lady. then we have modeling sessions while she sleeps... poor baby... tehehe.

in other news, The Sampler's MAY2012 Kit is available and just wonderful. I hope to play with it a little later on today. I adore working from those kits especially with baby. I can be near her and easily grab a completely coordinated bag of goodies and just get going! love it!

SIDE NOTE: don't forget to participate in The Sampler's April Blog Hop before comments close on friday! loads of amazing goodies to giveaway! 



Amy Coose said...

Haha, I so remember that with my sweet girl. Enjoy it now, because before you know it, she'll want nothing to do with you doing her hair. :) I'm hoping to get some time to work with my kit today, too, but Davis of course is refusing to sleep, so we'll see how it goes.

Laura-whosthischick said...

She is adorable. So is headband. ;)


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