happily uncomfortable

my mom has been in town and keeping me busy. mostly with a lot of shopping, but thats an ok thing since NONE OF MY CLOTHES FIT! i'm going to go ahead and call bullshit because i'm pregnant, sure, BUT i'm NINE WEEKS PREGNANT! clothing should fit still.

well i guess not. even though there is a small being approx the size of only a grape inside of me, i am wearing maternity clothing which was terrible until i found the pea in the pod tops and pretty well everything from gap maternity. sure its all pretty well generic, BUT its so much more comfortable.

i plan to look something like this for the next 7 or so months.... except more huge...

well, thats about all i've had time for. cleaning, a bit of packing for an upcoming houston trip, playing with the boy and just trying to get comfortable. hopefully things settle in.....



sarah said...

o0o0 can't wait to see you "grow". :)


Colleen said...

Congratulations and keep posting pictures of yourself along the way.

Diana Fisher said...

Congrats on being preggers! :)

Maylee said...

EEEK!! Congratulations Holly!! So very happy for you : )


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