currently 1.12.11

this is husband's car this morning whilst he is in upstate NY. it snowed. both of our reaction to this image was a laugh, but, then, it was "oh crap! how do you get that much snow off a car?!" apparently you wear gloves and use a tool larger than a plastic ice scraper. learn something new everyday.

listening: star trek the next generation marathon
eating: thinking about a chobani yogurt. tummy has been way upset lately.
drinking: water
reading: As Always, Julia: The Letters of Julia Child and Avis DeVoto
wearing: tank top, hoodie, and my favorite lucy yoga pants
feeling: a little bleh, but over all ok. maybe a little worried.
weather: clear skies. what is weather?
wanting: to run a costco errand and be back home
needing: to get some crafting done tonight!
thinking: the boy is a cutie patootie as he gets mad at his pants button
enjoying: the down throw on the sofa. very cozy.
wondering: why the boy never gets a pair of matching socks out of the drawer

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Diana Fisher said...

Hey, I recognize that! I live here in Upstate NY! I had to shovel 2x today and it took me two hours to go what usually would have been 25 min. before I turned around and came home. It's horrendous here! Great pic! :)


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