we're back!

super busy getting life back to normal. i'll post more later tonight. for now i want to share a story (i wrote it in an email last night, so its mostly copy and paste) about a local chocolater, Richard Donnelly.

So, while i was out running errands [yesterday], the hubby suggested I do a package for his friend Sage that is off in basic training in OK. That's right up my alley and I know Sage is homesick. So I think about what I know about Sage. He likes good food. Too hard to ship Moreno's burritos. [a local taqueria we all love] He likes good wine. I'm guessing that's not allowed. CHOCOLATE! Definitely a care package necessity. So I head over to Donnelly's of course. [its the best in santa cruz for sure!] Anywho, so I go in and Richard Donnelly is there himself doing what it is he does [makes chocolaets, duh!] and asks what he can do for me.I tell him what I'm looking for. He asks if I want the pretty packaged chocolate or the bark one. I tell him whatever is easier to ship. He askswhere it's going and I tell him to sage who's doing time in basic. He nods. So he packs up this box with out asking me how much I want. Ties a bow on it and gets some ice packs out of his freezer. He then puts all of the above in a bag and tells me put my wallet away, to ship it Monday and to thank sage for what he's doing for our country. OMG! Hownice is that! I about cried as I left the building. Such a random actof kindness. That man has earned some major points in my book today. [yesterday]



Erin Bradley said...

Wow, that is super beyond nice. I totally would have cried right then and there.
I like that there are people like that out in the world.

Kirbs said...

It's reassuring when people do things like that. It's nice to know that some people out there are completely supportive of our men in uniform. Even though Coasties don't have to go to Iraq, it's nice when people show their support for the home team.


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