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ok, our nephew sustained a mysterious skull fracture while we were in san diego. we came home and the whole family is suspect of negligent treatment and abuse! there is a huge on going investigation and there are only two family options who are eligible to take temporary custody of him. the other option has to return to work, so ben and i are the only option now.

So far our experience with CPS has been productive. i'm actually suprised just how thankful even CPS is for family members who care/love their own and at how much emphasis they put on taking care of the CHILD. i've heard so many CPS horror stories that i thought our nephew would just disappear on his way here, but he didnt and everyone has been very accomodating in helping us help the child.

our nephew is here with us now. he did really well with us this evening. fairly happy. both his mommy and daddy came to see him tonight. this is REALLY putting a LOT of strain on an already strained relationship, but, epecially after seeing them with the boy tonight, i have a really hard time believing that this incident was more than a freak accident. who knows though, right?

there is a facilitating family meeting on thursday. here we will sit down with the parents, other family members, and CPS workers and talk about a game plan for short term and long term living situation/custody of our nephew. i dont really know what to expect from this. the mother's goal is to have her parents granted temporary custody of her son. there are some issues about the maternal grandparents being cleared of suspect in the investigation. that should be clarified at this meeting. the father isnt so sure that the maternal grandparents will be granted temporary custody... for reasons unknown to me. the parents cannot regain custody of their son until the next court hearing in AUGUST!!! (could you imagine?!?!? i would simply cease to exist!)

we're open to whatever is best for our nephew. in our home or else where. its hard enough to survive in this world, he doesnt need all the odds against him. i am so happy that we can provide him a stable home if even for only a few days.

this is a big thing, but its not. does that make sense? in reality, there was no other choice but for us to take him. the other option was for him to go into real foster care (to be honest, i really feel like i'm just babysitting. CPS, court ordered babysittin) and that doesnt sit well with me. bottomline, we love him like the boogerbear and i fully plan on being the best foster mommy i can be until his little world is right again!

ha. short. i need a shower!

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Erin Bradley said...

WOW. Your nephew is lucky to have such a caring aunt and uncle to take care of him at this time.
I wish you luck. I hope everything gets straightened out and it doesnt take till August for his own parents to get him back. Thats crazy!


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