are you flippin kidding me?!?!?

so, everything is going well with our nephew at our home. the newest info we have is that the detective couldnt label the injury as accidental so it advanced to the next level. dun, dun. DUUUN! so, that means his medical records and the detective's investigation was sent to a forensic dude to be examined. the forensic guy will examin the evidence and do 1 of 3 things:
1. label the case non-accidental
2. label the case accidental
3. determine the case unsovable
option 2 & 3 get our nephew back into his mother's loving arms. option 1 gets a further investigation of the "suspects" and clears those who are determined innocent.

by the sounds of it, this could take a day, or two, or ten... so our timeline of retaining custody is still a wee bit hazy. poop.

i'm loving having our nephew here, but i miss my son. the boogerbear is here, but i didnt realize just how much i really love spending time with him and just him. if nothing else, this has made me more than understand that i'm NOT ready for another baby. i need more boogerbear!

so the flipping kidding me part:
the mother involved is a bit on the firey side. infact, she has one red hot temper/personality! i dont know how to explain it, but that she has a thing against my BILs children. the story goes like this. since we've had custody of our nephew, we've been in control of "visitations." Visitations have basically consisted of us hanging out playing with the babies for LONG stretches of time. which is not what is mandated by the court, but has been ok'd through the kind folks at our local CPS office. its cool. its not our routine, but i'm more than happy to have both "sides" of the family in my home as long as it helps to ease the crap that is CPS. well, now the mother wants to tell me i cant have my other nephews (her boyfriend's, my BILs other children from a previous marriage) in my home because it "over stimulates" her son! WHAT?!?! did she just tell me i couldnt invite my family into my home? people who aren't even involved in the investigation?!?!?! wow. just wowowowowow! first of all, as a mother, i know the kind of people/children i want my child to be around. i have no problem with these kids. they're good kids! second, thats a load of horse manure if she thinks that when her son hangs out with his half siblings that he's over stimulated. he loves it. in fact, both of the boys do. its nuts i tell you. how on earth can someone be so unappreciative and disrespectful?! ugh. this woman. i shake my head at her and pray for the best. there are so many thoughts racing through my head about this one, but i cant even type it out.

anywho, enough. i talked to the BIL about it. the SIL about it (thanks KT!). i talked to the hubby about it. the drama is over... for now.

the boogerbear wants to play the steal the remote game so i had better get into my best defensive stance. here's to a good tomorrow!!!


Erin Bradley said...

Um, yeah. Thats a bit on the looney side if there is someone telling you who you can or cannot invite over to YOUR home. It just does not happen.
Wow. Good luck with that one. Wear a cup if need be when you tell her no dice.

Erin Bradley said...

and to your comment to me most recently, YEAH! my mom is always telling me I should be a event planner. I am seriously considering it.


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