i just spent 30 minutes on the phone with my mom...

talking about the TATTOO she's going to get when she's down here next week. this is the woman who practically disowned me after i got 3 TINY butterfly outlines when i was 21 that one normally cannot see! now i'm supposed to find her a shop i approve of and gather some artwork for her to show the artist.

i'm proud of her though. this summer she decided to divorce my step-dad (meh.) and now she wants a tattoo for, what i feel is, the right reason (for herself!). i also think its time for me to get a heart with mom in it. (how very sailor jerry of me.) it just feels right going in there together and doing that kind of thing. (um. hello white trash!!!)

anywho back to cleaning. i'll post photos of the downstairs later tonight. our bedroom hasnt been really cleaned since, um, we moved in... oops. but its clean now. i mean really clean.

{oh, and dont tell anyone about mom's tattoo. she wants to, um, keep it a secret.... shhh.... kekeke.}

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Kirbs said...

You could go to Vegas and be on TV at that one tattoo parlor in Palms. Your mom could give her testimony on why she's getting a tattoo and have her 15 minutes. =) Let me know when your episode airs.


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