today Ben finally figured out when his last day at his current job would be. SO, that means I know what I can plan for a quickie vacation before he starts his shiney, new job. It seems like we will be headed down to San Diego to visit some old friends and old haunts. I cant wait for pizza port and tony's!!! YUM-O!

anywho, time to think about making dinner... i totally have a mental food block lately. i've been thinking about how we eat and why its not the best. i'm fairly interested in going vegetarian for a while. actually, it wouldnt be that big of a change for me, but it would be for ben. we'll see.


Kelly said...

How fun! Why don't you drive by my old house and spit on it for me hahahahaha...

Have fun while you are down there and your hair is looking AWESOME! Good luck with the food... I wish I ate more than 3 kinds of meals but nope... I suck. ;)

woof nanny said...

I know Pizza Port, but what's Tony's? Is it a friend or a place? I'm always up for finding new places to try. Lots of fun freebies going on right now--concerts in parks all over the county, Cinema under the Stars (old movies outside in Hillcrest), farmers markets...it's such a great time of year.

Thanks for the pillow suggestion today--I totally agree. I would have emailed you, but your comment does not come up with your email address. Thanks so much for reading my blog.


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