Cleaning up (our wood floors) with doTERRA!

I'm still relatively new to this whole essential oil thing, but its rapidly (and easily) taking over our household (and my friends too! THANKS, GUINEA PIGS!) You name it, I want to make it. Go figure, right?!

This past week I was in need of some floor cleaner and I made it. Between the internet in general and Pinterest, there are TONS of places to find ideas & recipes for all things essential oil. Don't believe me? Just check out (and follow!) my essential oil Pinterest board! ...it grows daily....

So, I stumbled into a great bounty of a website: thePaleoMama.com! I based my floor cleaner recipe on hers and love it! The recipe the Paleo Mama posted (here) is for a bucket of cleaner, but I wanted something I could mix into a 16 ounce glass bottle with a sprayer. When cleaning our floors, I use a sweeping/mopping robot for the bulk of our hardwood floors and then scrub the stairs with a cloth. Instead of dipping a dirty rag into a bucket of increasingly dirty water, I spray our floors allowing the robot and myself to have at least fresh cleaner as we make progress.

I scaled down the Paleo Mama's recipe and got the following recipe for my 16 ounce bottle:

2 tablespoons White Vinegar
1 teaspoon Castile Soap (I had Dr. Bronner's Sensitive on hand)
2 drops doTERRA Wild Orange
3 drops doTERRA Lemon
1 drop doTERRA Melaleuca
Filtered Water

Using a funnel, measure and add white vinegar, castile soap, and essential oils to glass bottle. Fill remaining void with water. Shake and set aside for an hour or so while the soap dissolves. Once solution appears clear, shake again and spray liberally to any and all wood surfaces you would like to clean. Just remember that separation (of oils) is natural and always shake before use.

The possibilities and scents for this cleaner are endless... well, as endless as your essential oil collection. I think my next batch will be a woodsier scent or, hell, pumpkin spice. Why not? 'tis the season!

I'm really considering hosting a doTERRA crafting party. Between household products to skincare and beyond, the possibilities are endless and would be an amazing girls night out! thoughts? would you come hang with me if you got a bath bomb out of it?!?!

Have questions regarding getting started with essential oils? Feel free to contact me! Whether you're looking to invest in doTERRA's oils (please feel free to sign up through my website found here!) or you have questions regarding all things essential oil, I would love to talk to you about it!

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German Zollinger said...

That is really cool that you made your own floor cleaner! My wife just started getting into essential oils and different things she can use them for. I am going to save your blog so I can show her this. Floor cleaner is definitely one use we have not thought of yet, so creative!


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