Super Cute! My First 10k "Run"

I really want to buy one of those baby frames and put a photo from my first race in it. I didn't finish with the best time, but I finished and that in itself is an accomplishment!

I spend the better part of the week before the race trying to talk myself out of it. I had a cut on my pinky toe from a few days before. I didn't know where to go for bib pick up. I didn't know how bib pick up worked. My kids were driving me crazy. Husband was super busy at work. The race started in the *gasp* morning.

But, I figured it out, got there and started. Then I wanted to stop. After waiting 40 minutes for the *cough* last corral to start, the masses in front of me started to move and so did I. Starting strong..ish... my calves started to revolt. Cramped into a coral doesn't really do much for the effort I took to stretch. So I slowed to a brisk walk knowing they would warm up and they did... after mile 2 was done.

By that time, I was about to pee my pants. The course had plenty of portapotties... but they also had abundant lines. I stopped at one... thinking it would be quick. After 6 minutes and the line NOT moving... and the sounds coming from within... I decided to move along. Mile 3 passed. I couldn't hold it any longer... and I certainly couldn't run any longer with out fear of leaking... So I stopped... again... the line moved quite quickly this time but it was many people deep. 11 minutes later, I could move again.

I made up some time and I even finished with a personal time of 1:20 which was my goal... Race results on the other hand shows 1:37... oh well. I got this shiny medal, a confidence boost, and a great 1st run in hindsight. Looking forward to Beat the Blerch (Sacramento) in November. Until then, we just keep training!


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