Kids Craft: Gratitude Banner

While doing Studio Calico's Gratitude Documented E-Course, I sat down with Tyler to talk about being thankful and the things we appreciate in our lives. I wish I was on it enough to talk about this all year, but, HEY, Thanksgiving... its topical... Together we made a list then put a banner together so we would have our visual reminder all month long... (ps. chomping at the bit to start hanging garlands, BUT I will not... no sir...) 

Supplies Needed: 
Assorted Colored Cardstock
Solid Paper 
Misc Embellishment (not required) 

This first and most important step of this project is simply to sit down and discuss gratitude and what we are thankful for. Tyler and I created a list while I prepped our supplies... 

For prep, I pulled scraps of paper that matched my embellishments (omg I need to gush how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE projects that use my scrap!) and cut roughly 1/2" strips from copy paper. I also folded my scraps in half and cut them into random sized hunks ranging from 2" to 5".

While I rewrote the things we are thankful for on stripe of white paper (write in the middle of your write strips if you would like to create banners as we did), Tyler cut the flags/points into our banners. 

Now that all of our elements were prepared, we strung each banner flag on the twine and assembled the strips and embellishments (feathers from Basic Grey) using our stapler to secure each element. 

While this project is best for an older child (6+), I can see how each year the project can get more profound to both parent and child. This would also be fun to do on Thanksgiving day, handing each guests a strip and/or flag and every guest would be able to having their own thankful strips included. 

Such a simple project, but so much meaning.  

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