Challenges in Sept2012

here we are again, I have a couple new and an one old challenge this month. seems like i can't get the garage finished. Between business trips for husband, other crap to clean and just life in general, the hopes of transforming the garage into a viable workspace have been placed on the back burner... again.

With the start of 1st grade for the boy, I haven't had a spare moment to do anything it seems. The upside, no REAL challenges other than brushing our teeth and eating breakfast before class starts.... Well, squish has taken to sleeping weird times. like from 6pm to 3am, then waking up for fun times. That IS proving challenging...

 This month I played along with The Sampler's layout sketch challenge. I'm also finding it challenging to scrapbook anything but pictures of pip (mostly sleeping) these days....

Head over to The Sampler's Blog for your chance to win a sampling from The Sampler! Hope your challenges are proving more fun than a struggle this month! sunshine&bunnies, holly*


scrapperjen said...

Nice layout!
Glad school is going well

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

so cute...love a sleepy pip. glad school is going well. hugs.


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