cheers: grapefruit margaritas AND sangria!

a couple weeks ago we celebrated a monumental occasion. my brother-in-law's 39th (holy shit, OLD! tehehe!) birthday to celebrate. I always like to make something for our get togethers and lately (now that i'm not the knocked up family member...) that's been mixed drinks!

First mother-in-law told me she was making cheese enchiladas to feed the crowd she was expecting. So I instantly thought MARGARITAS! from there I started planing how i would find the time to juice the 5lbs of limes I would need for a healthy sized pitcher (while i have a demanding 5 year old, infant and out of town husband...) then I remembered the grapefruit juice I already had on hand! PERFECT!!

2c grapefruit juice (fresh squeeze is always preferred)
2c 100% agave silver tequila
(2/3)c grand marnier
(2/3)c simple syrup
juice from 2 limes
pinch of salt

mix all ingredients thoroughly in a pitcher and serve over ice. give to husband.

Then i wasn't sure if this would be enough festive for the festivities...  so i looked at what i had on hand again... wine... misc booze... an orange... lots of wine... misc booze... pounds and pounds of limes...

1 bottle white wine (really any wine will do. red, white, pink...)**
1 large orange, sliced
4-6 limes, sliced
2 shots flavored rum**
2tbsp sugar
 mix all ingredients thoroughly in a pitcher and allow to hang out in the refridgerator over night or as long as possible... 

immediately before serving add:
12oz ginger ale
fill pitcher with ice

serve in glass and use fruit as garnish.

** two quick things about this recipe. 1) you can't f*ck it up. really use any wine you would like. any booze you would like. any fruit you would like. it will be fine. i choose an abandoned bottle of white wine from our racks because MIL likes it and idk when husband or myself would actually drink it. Same with the flavored rum. You know how to finally use those tiny bottles of flavored rum you keep getting in your Christmas Stocking? this is how! :D

 ok, enough talk about booze! hope these recipes find you well and in good spirits. if not, follow above instruction. just in time for the weekend, right? :D


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