last night husband and i were watching an episode of through the wormhole with morgan freeman and some super-smartiepants-man tried to tell us that TIME really did not exist. instead everything is just a series of snapshots that all exist at the same *cough* time (although he avoided using the T-word as much as possible) ...so basically i gathered that he was telling me that our lives are like flip books.

flip book or not, time effing flies.  i have no idea where the past four weeks have gone. a complete whirlwind of teaching classes and packing and shopping and traveling and eating and shopping and eating and eating and eating... now we've been home a whopping two days and i'm chipping away at a mile long todo list. BUT i'm starting to get to the good parts. today i got to play with some baby things. (they're so little and tiny!) tomorrow is for crafting and work of that nature. right now.... right now is for naps. and by naps i mean the kind that last 6-8 hours.

oh, and btw...

i'm pretty sure that 2012 is going to be pretty awesome.


Ryann Salamon said...
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Ryann Salamon said...

I love your comment about our lives being flip books. That is hilarious!

Dena said...

I know what you mean! My days just fly by now that I have a little one (oldest is 15). My "day" never really starts until around 10 pm, after she goes to sleep (lucky if she goes to sleep that early). That's when I finally get to focus on house chores, paperwork, crafting, etc ... IDK where the time goes either! And, yeah--my DD dreams went out the window, too!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Really know what you mean about time flying. It seems like since my oldest started school I can't keep up!

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

Love when people get all philosophical about time, reality and the such...and try to explain without using those terms. hee hee

glad you are back...playing with baby things is fun. can't wait to see what you create.


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