night time is for...

*playing zen mode of plants vs. zombies. i do wish stinky the snail woundn't go to sleep so quickly. or maybe i wish i could go to sleep as quickly and often as stinky...

in a perfect world, i would be this mouse RIGHT NOW:

*sorting and working on orders for CHA for The Sampler. Since i can't be there, i can at least be hyper organized. we'll see what good that actually does for us.

*worrying when this baby is going to come out. with the boy, our OB poked him out before i really got a chance to panic about him showing up on his own. this time, we're playing the waiting game.

as for baby update, i could have sworn i was going to have her a couple days ago. horrible stomach ache, back pains, a general feeling of weirdness, and even some good punches in the cervix. but nothing intense enough to call labor&delivery or just hop in the car. eh. today we had an OB appt. baby is measuring roughly 7lbs, 12oz. roughly, right... her parts are all matured (i.e. lungs are working and such) and i'm about 3cm dilated with membranes intact. so. no baby. not today.

*making pans of lasagna and enchiladas for the freezer. at least we can eat once baby does show up... 

*working on a few challenges: 

with all the late nights and issues that go along with, my creativity hasn't been at its peak, so i've adjusted and really gotten into some challenges. this layout is one of the many small moments i wanted to capture from 2011 and just never had an idea for it. Over at twopeas, they have memory keeping monday and i really dug the video and ideas that the host shared. quite pleased with the layout and creating this layout gave my mojo a good kick in the butt to finish up some other projects i've been working on...

It kinda feels like cheating making a layout this way, BUT it was fun none the less. not to mention, i got to use some scraps from the feb2012 kit from The Sampler along with some other goodies i've been hording for idk why! (i.e. mister huey's mist in white, those lovely thickers, and a very small bit from my ever growing washi tape stash)

this layout i love! again, memories from 2011 that were printed but never actually documented. one of my favorite bloggers is doing a weekly sketch challenge on her blog. I adore sketches more than one person should and this sketch was no exception. a very simple sketch, but that made adding the little details even easier. well, that and the Jan2012 kit from The Sampler made it really easy too!

as for this layout, it does have a story to share... i'm not really one to make a big deal out of little man's strengths and weaknesses. we encourage him and support him, but nothing over the top. he knows we're proud. however, this little lego he assembled shocked me. husband and i had been helping him build "real" legos from just before his 4th birthday. those duplos just weren't cutting it. then, one day, he found this lego in my bag (i keep a stash for long waits at restaurants and such) and he built it. alone. it caught me unexpectedly (hey, the bag said it was ages 6-8!) and made me proud that he could create something like this with his little hands already!

*watching countless hours of Stargate: SG-1. thank you netflix for your xbox interface. much better than the one the bluray player was using.

**NO matter what ANYONE tells you.... night time is certainly not for sleeping ....not even a little...



Stephanie said...

Love your layout! I'm a fan of sketches, too! I love how they jumpstart your creativity but still leave room for "you" to shine through.

Missy said...

Really love your layouts! I use sketches a lot, they are a great way to get an idea and run with it! That mouse video made me smile, he's so cute!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Oooh, I didn't know about Celine's sketches on her blog!
I'll have to check that out more often.
You did a great job with the sketch!!
My son is a Lego lover, too. :)

Pam said...

Love the layout! I have got to get my hands on some washi tape. Hope your sweet baby makes her appearance soon. Praying everything goes well with the delivery.

Lisa said...

Love the layout. Hope you find some relief from baby soon!

Amber said...

Wow, already dilated...Won't be long now! You are definitely "nesting" : ) Great LO's!


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