things are changing...

This morning husband and i dropped off the boy at his very first day of kindergarten. ugh.

while waiting, i took a billion photos and tried to absorb every detail i could. including the trees. the boy's school is located on a little hill, surrounded by beautiful trees. and they're changing. its going to be amazing in the fall, but i thought this little change on these little leaves meant a lot. at least today.

in other news...

i crafted a suck up card (to go with the suck up gift... i mean... erm... suck up...) for the boy's teacher. my gut instinct is good about the teacher. hoping to talk to him once the boy's 1st day is over.

and i also took a ton of photos of the boy around the school. he kinda humored me... i mostly got silly smiles and some avoidance.

oh that boy...

anywho, working on the upcoming kits for The Sampler, the blog and tons of projects. Its nice to not be in the store so much so i can really focus on The Sampler. I know the efforts will show and, with any luck, appreciated.

Hope all the kiddos out there had good days at school whether its the 1st, 2nd, or ??? I'm going to get back to some crafting in the time i have before we pick up or big little man.



Diana Fisher said...

Great idea with the sign for the first day! Nate's first day of K is Sept. 6. Might have to try that. If I can see through my tears to make a sign. :)

Holly* said...

aw. i didnt cry/tear up until we were in the car and a few blocks away. sign was super easy and i'm glad i did it. hopefully i can remember next year to do it again.

ScrappnBee said...

LOVE the sign! Totally bummed that I did not think of it last year (when youngest went to K). *sigh* Now they are pros. We don't start until Sep 1. Hope that the 1st day went well! Thanks for sharing! -Amanda


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