ok, we're in houston...

it was a little last minute. but, with things under control at the store, i snuck off... i snuck off alright with no crafting supplies with the exception of this:

the SMASH book freebie i got back at CHA that fortunately landed in my bag and a couple gelly roll pens that i would die with out! now i'm flipping through magazines and shreading most anything i get my hands on. i looked into ordering a full sized smashbook after i watched the adorable youtube...

and they're not any where on their listen vendors yet! coming spring i know. but its spring... or is it? it is! well, idk that i will get one since its really just a semi fancy pants journal that i could make myself and use some of the boatload of goodies i already have... boooooooooooo

1st thing in the morning i'm calling mort back at the store to ship me a box. i cant handle no crafting. just unacceptable. period.



Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Have a great time in Houston. Been watching for the Smash books Think they look interesting, but like you not sure it isnt something i could do myself See you when you get back. Hugs

Amber said...

Oh I'd love to get my hands on a smash book. Love the video! Hope Mort gets your craft goodies to you safely! I'm finishing up projects with the April kit. I've loved it!


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