keeping busy, how about you?

lately we've been making the best of our weekend. a few weeks ago we hit maifest. yum. events at the tyrolean inn never disappoint. tomorrow i have a whole laundry list of things i want to fit in. including a car detailing, yoga class, and possibly pedicure. nevermind the hope that we will be less our guest of over a year shortly and i will have a spare bedroom that will need a complete overhaul. picked up paint colors already, now need to aim for someone reasonable to actually do the painting because ur nuts if you think i'm going to paint the 18ft ceilings. really should build a loft in that room. would be ultra rad.

anywho, new mini album up at the crop spot. really like how this one came out and ready to head out and get some photos for it. the american crafts summer line is perfect for beach projects AND we just re-ordered the wave and cloud pages so those will make great add-ons to this album once they make it back into the store!

free father's day make & take at Memories Live On this Sunday. I wont be there, but look how cute those boys are in there!

on that note, i think i'm going to put together a poodlie mini album that i've been meaning to get started on for a while now. got some good papers picked out and one of those Melissa Frances tag mini albums as well. thinking its a good thing.

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