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i made a layout i love using a photo from a friend and then took a really horrible cellphone pic of it. dang phone. be better at things!

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anywho, just thought i would drop in to say a quick hello. tons of work to be doing. working on uploading a few of my more current projects to the new SBSRUS gallery and posting a little on the new forum as well. husband's birthday was a few days ago. we had a lovely time at soif and picked up some nice bottles of some great gamay noir and malbec. so looking forward to opening those up in the next few months,

fighting some insomnia lately. late nights = desk organizing (almost kinda clean) and lots of reruns of desperate housewives. really should work on sleeping. poop. thinking tonight is going to be another late night. maybe i should make a to do list. or enjoy the time awake and work on some projects. i have some great class ideas floating around in my head that really need to come out. thinking a alice class, a crafty ATC class, maybe a mini album class using creative imaginations IOD line. hum. i should work on this. among other things. i still havent found someone to turn my front door into a dutch door. i should work on that to... ok. this is a blog. not a to do list itself.

anywho, hope everyone is having super fun times this weekend!

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