in san diego. having a super fun time with out too many worries nagging me. tyler and i made the trip down yesterday. long drive but we made it at a reasonable time. it rained here last night. which was weird. but we ended up walking back from dinner in it and it was awesome. today was a bunch of time killing. hitting the beach in a few. tomorrow is DISNEYLAND! and then i have no idea. may drive home tuesday night/wednesday or sick around, go to the zoo on wed again and head home thurs or ???????? we shall see.

anywho, for those of you know dont know, the sampler has a new dt call up! check it out at the crop spot and here is a house i finally finished altering. i need to post the before photos. it was in sad shape. super cute now. check out those box feet from tim holtz! how rad are those?!?!!?

sunshine & bunnies, holly*
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